• Islamic World
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      I testify that there is no deity except Allah; He is One and has no partner. And I testify that Muhammad (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam)
    • Fashion-logy
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      We care about all the latest trends and styles in the fashion world. Do keep on visiting us for all updates and fashion related stuffs.
    • Yoruba Peace Initiatives
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      Promoting Peace through Culture
    • Gadgets Lovers
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      This is an exclusive group for gadget obsessed members to share their love for cool gadgets. What's new and what's hot. If you would like to have the latest cool gadgets, this is the right place...
    • Jerry Arabian Fans Club
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    • Books & Readers' Club (BRC)
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      This is an online group for those with great interest in reading books and willing to share their favorites and experiences with others. If your interest is in the area of fiction or non-fiction,...
    • Advertisers Business Group
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      This group was set up to enable everyone to advertise their products & services. All materials sent to this group for promotion are still the properties of the original owners. Nobody is...
    • Investment/Properties In Nigeria
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      Recently i did private investigations for some Aunties In American who needed to buy some Properties in i learnt the followings.. 1,Be Real with facts and statements 2,Pictures Lie...
    • Glimpses Of Africa
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      All about Africa for Africans. Here, you can raise issues concerning Africa, Share African photos, videos, documentaries. Post African quotes, words of wisdom, life experiences and truisms. Lets...
    • Group InSpIrE
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      A group of people with shared interests that collaborate on projects and create exceptional work that inspires