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    As today is another Jumat, Allah's voice will stand out for us, no matter the noise around our life, His word will speak for us, no matter what the enemy is saying. May Almighty Allah bless us with Rizq, Taqwah, Imaan, Barakah and jannah. Almighty Allah will help, keep, uphold, sustain, protect, defend & exalt us Insha Allah (Allahumo Ameen). Jumat Mubaraq. — with admin and 2 others.
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    1. Give a copy of *Al-Qur'an* to someone. Each time one reads from it, *you gain reward*.

    2. Donate a *wheelchair* to a hospital. Each time sick person uses it, *you gain reward*.

    3. Participate or contribute in *building a masjid*.

    4. Dig a *well or borehole or Place water cooler in a public place*. Each time any creature uses it, *you gain reward.*

    5. *Plant a tree.* Whenever a person or animal sits in its shade or eats from it. *You gain r...  more
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    Suratul Yasin:
    Read it to be wise, get Allah's mercies and be protected from all evils.
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    Ridwanullah Allahu Akbar!!!
    We thank Almighty Allah for His favors over our life so far. We are about entering the third and final stage of Ramadan.. There's lot of blessings and forgiveness of our sins no matter how great. We thereby invite the general public and special persons to our annual LAST 10 NIGHTS of Ramadan..
    Venue:8 Ali-iwo street, oke oja amukoko Lagos.
    Date: Wed 6th June, 2018
    Time: 10pm till dawn every night.
    Date Schedule
    Ramadan 20: Ya Lateef night.
    Ramadan 21: Solatul f...  more
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    Breaking: Police invite Saraki for questioning over Offa banks robbery - Vanguard News
    THE Force Headquarters has invited the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, to appear before it following his alleged roles in the criminal activities...
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    Here is to invite the general public to yet another exciting package of our Annual Ramadan Lectures
    Date: 3rd June 2018 (3rd Sunday of Ramadan)
    Venue: Maryam Academy premises.
    Lecturer: Fadeelatu Sheikh Habeebullah Abdullah (Young Sheikh)
    Time: 10am to 7pm.
    Host: Alhaja Fatimah Muhammed Bola (Ameerah Ridwanullah Society of Nigeria).
    Invited Guests:
    1.Hon. Muyiwa Wahab Jimoh (LAHA Apapa constituency II)
    2. Alh. Mutiu Bashorun (Baba Adinni)
    3. Chief Chima Omo Barca (Obama1)
    Invited Arti...  more
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    Obey God
    Obey the prophets
    And those in authority among you!!!
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    Inna ma amruhu idha arada shay'an, an yaku la'llahu kun faya kun
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    Ya Allah!! Your forgiveness is wider than our sins, Your blessings are bigger than our efforts and Your reward is well above our worship. We have more hope in Your mercy than in our deeds. Ya Allah!!! Forgive our shortcomings and accept our worship. Jumat Mubaraq and Ramadhan Kareem
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    If u love Allah: Send dis 99names to all Muslims,. ۞ الله ۞ الرحمن ۞ الرحيم ۞ الملك ۞ القدوس ۞ السلام ۞ المؤمن ۞ المهيمن ۞ العزيز ۞ الجبار ۞ المتكبر ۞ الخالق ۞ البارئ ۞ المصور ۞ الغفار ۞ القهار ۞ الوهاب ۞ الرزاق ۞ الفتاح ۞ العليم ۞ القابض ۞ الباسط ۞ الخافض ۞ الرافع ۞ المعز ۞ المذل ۞ السميع ۞ البصير ۞ الحكم ۞ العدل اللطيف ۞ الخبير ۞ الحليم ۞ العظيم ۞ الغفور ۞ الشكور ۞ العلي ۞ الكبير ۞ الحفيظ ۞ المقيت ۞ الحسيب ۞ الجليل ۞ الكريم ۞ الرقيب ۞ المجيب ۞ الواسع ۞ الحكيم ۞ الودود ۞ المجيد ۞ الباعث ۞ الشهي...  more
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    The richest person in the history of earth was Mansa Musa from Mali (Black).
    The greatest pop singer was Michael Jackson(Black).
    The greatest footballer was Pele (Black).
    The greatest boxer was Mahumed Ali (Black).
    The greatest and richest golfer is Tiger Woods(Black).
    Greatest female tennis player is Serena Williams (Black).
    Greatest hip hop artist was 2Pac (Black).
    Greatest philosopher was Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr (Black).
    The greatest Reggae artist wa...  more
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    It's our turn now let's work together to make it a reality this is how Nigeria wins. Find out more by logging in to www.voteisholabalogun2019.com My name is . Ishola Balogun